List of Accepted Contributed Papers for Poster Presentation

Please take into account that maximum poster size should be format A1 portrait: width 59 cm and hight 84 cm.


POSTER SESSION 1   -   Wednesday 29.8., 18:00

1.1. A. Bunjac, D. B. Popović and N. S. Simonović
Strong Field Multiphoton Ionization of Lithium

1.2. Bratislav P. Marinković, Jozo J. Jureta and Lorenzo Avaldi
High Resolution Autoionizing States of Krypton in Kinetic Energy Region 8 – 35 eV

1.3. B.P. Marinković, V.A. Srećković, D. Jevremović, V. Vujčić, Lj. M. Ignjatović, M.S. Dimitrijević, S. Ivanović, N. Uskoković, M. Nešić and N.J. Mason
BEAMDB and MolD – Collisional and Radiative Databases at the Serbian Virtual Observatory

1.4. M. Z. Milošević and N. S. Simonović
Complex-Rotation Calculations of Ionization Rates for Helium in Strong Electric Field

1.5. M. M. Ristić, M. M. Aoneas, M. M. Vojnović and G. B. Poparić
Rate Coefficients for Excitation of the 1Пu State of CO2 in RF Electric Field

1.6. S. Stefanowska, P. Możejko, E. Ptasińska-Denga, Cz. Szmytkowski
Electron Scattering on X(CH3)4 Molecules: Applicability of Simple Additivity Rule and Role of Methylation

1.7. M. M. Vojnović, M. M. Ristić and G. B. Poparić
Symmetric Stretch Mode Excitation Rates of CO2 in E and B Fields

2.1. V. Despoja, I. Radović, L. Karbunar and Z. L. Mišković
Wake Effect due to Excitation of Plasmon-Phonon Hybrid Modes in a Graphene-Sapphire-Graphene Structure by a Moving Charge

2.2. M. D. Majkić, N. N. Nedeljković and R. J. Dojčilović
Interplay of the Ion-Surface-Collision Parameters and Their Role in the Nanostructure Formation

2.3. M. D. Majkić, N. N. Nedeljković, R. J. Dojčilović and M. A. Mirković
Effect of the Ionic Core Polarization on the Neutralization in a Dielectric Film at Metal Surface

2.4. N. N. Nedeljković, M. D. Majkić and M. A. Mirković
Influence of the Collision Geometry on the Neutralization of Highly Charged Ions at Metal Surface Covered with a Thin Dielectric Film

2.5. A. N. Chumakov, A. A Shevchenok, L. V. Baran, V. V. Malyutina-Bronskaya, A. G. Каroza, N. A. Bosak, A. A. Ivanov
Investigations into Properties of Yttrium-Doped Zirconium Oxide Films

2.6. V. S. Burakov, V. V. Kiris, N. N.Tarasenka, A. A. Nevar, M. I. Nedelko, N. V. Tarasenko
Synthesis and Surface Engineering of Carbon Nanoparticles by Electrical Discharges Generated Inside and in Contact with Liquid

3.1. M. Cvejić, D. Mikitchuk, R. Doron, E. Kroupp, C. Stollberg, Y. Maron
Current Distribution in an Experiment of Z-Pinch with Pre-Embedded Axial Magnetic Field

3.2. D. Dojić, M. Skočić and S. Bukvić
Doppler Spectroscopy of Shock Waves in Laser Induced Plasma

3.3. L. Gavanski, M. T. Belmonte, J. A. Aparicio, S. Mar and S. Djurovic
Transition Probabilities for Kr III Spectral Lines Tabulated by Striganov and Sventitskii Tables Only

3.4. M. R. Gavrilović Božović, S. Jovićević
Underwater Ablation with Two Different Laser Wavelengths

3.5. V. Goncharov, M. Puzyrev, V. Stupakevich
Temporary Dependences of Carbon Spectral Lines in Vacuum Laser Plasma

3.6. S. S. Ivković, N. Cvetanović, B. M. Obradović and M. M. Kuraica
Regimes of Helium and Hydrogen Barrier Discharge at Lower Pressures

3.7. Z. Mijatović, L. Gavanski, R. Kobilarov and S. Djurović
O I 645 nm Triplet Emitted from Electric Wall Stabilized Arc

3.8. M. S. Rabasovic, M. D. Rabasovic, B. P. Marinkovic and D. Sevic
Spatial Measurements of Laser-Induced Breakdown in Air

3.9. I. Savić, Z. Mijatović, L. Gavanski, T. Gajo and S. Djurović
Stark Shift Measurement of Ar I Spectral Lines for 4s – 5p Transition

3.10. Nora Trklja, Ivan P. Dojčinović, Irinel Tapalaga and Jagoš Purić
Investigation of Stark Line Broadening Within Sodium Isoelectronic Sequence

3.11. M. M. Vasiljević, G. Lj. Majstorović2, Đ. Spasojević, A. Jelić and N. M. Šišović
Electric Field and Rotational Temperature Distribution in the Cathode Fall Region of Hydrogen Grimm Glow Discharge

3.12. M. Vinić, M. R. Gavrilović Božović, B. Stankov, M. Vlainić and M. Ivković
Nanoparticles on a Sample Surface as Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Enhancers

3.13. N. V. Ivanović, N. M. Šišović, Dj. Spasojević and N. Konjević
Development of Spectroscopic Method for Measurement of Electric Field in the Cathode Sheath Region of an Abnormal Glow Neon Discharge

3.14. A.P. Jovanović, M.N. Stankov, S.N. Stamenković and V. Lj. Marković Simulation of Electron Avalanche Size Distributions in Methane

4.1. Milan S. Dimitrijević and Abhishek Chougule
Cr III Stark Widths for Stellar Spectra Investigations

4.2. Á. Kálosi, P. Dohnal, D. Shapko, R. Plašil and J. Glosík
Advances in Stationary Afterglow Instrumentation for Experiments Below Liquid Nitrogen Temperatures

4.3. Sladjana Marčeta-Mandić, Jelena Kovačević-Dojčinović and Luka Č. Popović
The Spectral Lines as a Tool for Black Hole Mass Estimation in Active Galactic Nuclei

4.4. Aleksandra Nina, Vladimir M. Čadež, Giovanni Nico and Luka Č. Popović
Differences in the Solar X-ray Flare Induced TECD Increase with Regards to Geographical Location

4.5. Nenad M. Sakan, Vladimir A. Srećković, Zoran J. Simić and Milan S. Dimitrijević
Photoabsorption Cross Section of a Dense Hydrogen Plasma, Model Method


POSTER SESSION 2   -   Thursday 30.8., 18:00

1.8. N. Milojević and I. Mančev
Single Electron Capture in H+ – N Collisions

1.9. J. Atić, D. Bošnjaković, Z. Lj. Petrović and S. Dujko
Electron Transport and Streamer Propagation in CF3I-SF6 Gas Mixtures

1.10. D. Bošnjaković, O. Šašić, Z. Lj. Petrović and S. Dujko
Fluid Modeling of RPC's: Impact of Collisional Data on Streamers and Induced Signals

1.11. S. Dujko, I. Simonović, D. Bošnjaković and C. Köhn
Electron Transport and Propagation of Streamers in the Atmosphere of Titan

1.12. Ž. Nikitović, M. Gilić, Z. Raspopović, M. Ćurčić and V. Stojanović
Transport Coefficients For Li+ in Dimethoxyethane

1.13. V. Simić, J. P. Marler, G. Malović, S. Marjanović and Z. Lj. Petrović
Thermalization of Positrons in Penning – Malmberg – Surko Trap at Different Background Temperatures

1.14. I. Simonović, D. Bošnjaković, Z. Lj. Petrović, R. D. White and S. Dujko
The Non-Hydrodynamic Behavior of the Third Order Transport Coefficients for Electrons in Gases

2.7. V. S. Burakov, V. V. Kiris, N. N. Tarasenka, A. A. Nevar, M. I. Nedelko, N. V. Tarasenko
Surface Engineering of Silicon Nanocrystals by Plasma Contacting with Colloidal Solution

2.8. A. Chumakov, P. Chekan
Features of Pulsed Laser Plasma Expansion in Vacuum in Magnetic Field

2.9. S. M. D. Galijaš
Determination of the Electron-Capture Distances of the Rydberg Ion-Surface Interactions

2.10. I. Nikonchuk, A. Chumakov, O. Kuznechik
Oxidation and Nitriding of Titanium Produced by Micro- and Nanosecond Laser Irradiation

2.11. N. Trklja, I. Krstić, B.M. Obradović, M.M. Kuraica and Jagoš Purić
Modification of Nickel-Titanium Thin Layers by Plasma Flow Action

2.12. M. Trtica, J. Limpouch, X. Chen, J. Stasic, P. Gavrilov, M. Kuzmanovic
Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Surface Modification of ODS Steel with 1014 W/cm2 Intensity in Air and Vacuum Ambience

3.15. V. Lj. Marković, A. P. Jovanović, S. N. Stamenković and M. N. Stankov
Memory Effect in Argon and Argon-Nitrogen Mixture with Different Voltage Pulses

3.16. V. Lj. Marković, S. N. Stamenković , M. N. Stankov and A. P. Jovanović
Statistics of Secondary Avalanches with Ion-Induced Electron Emission

3.17. N. V. Nedić, N. V. Ivanović, N. M. Šišović, Dj. Spasojević and N. Konjević
The Influence of Magnetic Field on the Hydrogen Balmer Alpha Line in a Hollow Cathode Glow Discharge

3.18. M. E. Pinchuk, O. M. Stepanova, A. V. Lazukin and A. M. Astafiev
A Simple XCOS/Scilab Model of a DBD Plasma Jet Impinging on a Target

3.19. M. Puač, D. Marić and Z. Lj. Petrović
Electron Energy Distribution Functions in a Radio-Frequency Argon Discharge – Monte Carlo Simulations

3.20. J. Sivoš, D. Marić, N. Škoro, G. Malović and Z. Lj. Petrović
Volt-Ampere Characteristics and Abnormal Glow Discharges in Methanol and Ethanol Vapours

3.21. S. N. Stamenković, V. Lj. Marković, A. P. Jovanović and M. N. Stankov
Multielectron Initiation of Avalanches Based on Negative Binomial Distribution and Its Mixtures

3.22. M. Bajić, N. Škoro, N. Puač and Z. Lj. Petrović
Electrical Characterisation of the Surface DBD Operating in Air

3.23. I. I. Filatova, V. A. Lyushkevich, J. N. Kalatskaja, S. V. Goncharik, V. Mildaziene, G. Pauzaite
Influence of Plasma and Radio-Wave Treatment of Seeds on the Accumulation of Some Secondary Metabolites in Plants

3.24. M. Gulan, L. Scally, P.J. Cullen, V. Milosavljević
Next Generation of Universal Pulse Resonance Atmospheric Plasma Systems

3.25. O. Jovanović, N. Škoro, N. Puač and Z. Lj. Petrović
Plasma Decontamination of Water Polluted by Pesticides for Application in Agriculture

3.26. A. V. Kazak, O. A. Emeliyanova, L. V. Simonchik and N. V. Dudchick
The Use of an Air Plasma Jet for Treatment of Purulent Wounds

3.27. J. Lalor, L. Scally, P.J. Cullen and V. Milosavljević
A Study of Excited Oxygen Species in the Multi Jets Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma System

3.28. S. S. Pavlović, V. M. Milosavljević, P. J. Cullen, S.B. Stanković, D.M. Popović and G.B. Poparić
Plasma Modification of Acoustical Properties of Textile Fabrics Made of Natural Cellulose Fibers (Cotton, Hemp)

3.29. A. Petrović, N. Puač, N. Škoro, A. Đorđević and Z. Lj. Petrović
Electrical Characterization of a Portable Plasma Needle System

4.6. D. Shapko, P. Dohnal, Á. Kálosi, Š. Roučka, R. Plašil, J. Glosík
Determination N2H+ Pressure Broadening by Means of Near-Infrared Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

4.7. V. A. Srećković, Lj. M. Ignjatović, M. S. Dimitrijević, N. N. Bezuglov and A. N. Klyucharev
Rate Coefficients for the Chemi-Ionization in Alkali Geocosmical Plasmas

4.8. V. A. Srećković and D. M. Šulić
Strong Solar X-ray Radiation: Influence on the Plasma in the Ionospheric D-Region

4.9. A. B. Altukhov, V. I. Arkhipenko, A. D. Gurchenko, E. Z. Gusakov, A. Y. Popov, L. V. Simonchik, P. Tretinnikov and M. S. Usachonak
The Anomalous Absorption Under the Decay Instability of X-mode Pump Wave in a Plasma Filament


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